Brhkbd Keyboard

Brhkbd keyboard overlay is an alternative solution to phonetic typing of Indian language text. This keyboard overlay follows the keyboard layout conceived and adopted for Kannada by Dr. K P Rao, who is one of the pioneers to develop a Kannada script enabling software engine called Sediyapu. He developed a novel keyboard overlay for Kannada which follows the most scientific and structured property of the Kannada script. Baraha has adopted this design for all the Indian languages by making a few changes to address the language specific issues.

Keyboard features:
  • For ease of remembrance, the Indian language vowels and consonants are mapped to the phonetically similar English keys as much as possible.
  • The 'a' matra is implicit in the consonants. The key should be used explicitly to add the halant symbol.
  • The independent vowel (swara) and the corresponding dependent vowel (matra) use the same key. The same key produces either one of them depending on the context.
  • All the punctuations keys produces the same punctuations for Indian languages too.
  • Most of the symbol keys produce the same symbols in Indian langauges too.
  • The nukta key (extension key) is used for the nukta consonants and to produce the "not so commonly used" characters.
  • The asciicircum key is used for the ZWNJ (Zero Width Non Joiner). The ampersand key is used for the ZWJ (Zero Width Joiner). These are required in some scripts to produce an alternate rendering of a character in some cases.
  • Brhkbd Keyboards: Kannada, Devanagari, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali, Oriya