BarahaPad - AutoText

AutoText feature enables you to type the long words/phrases quickly by pressing the (Ctrl + Space) hotkey.

Let's say, you need to type मेरा भारत महान phrase many times in the document. To make the phrase available for AutoText, you should first type the phrase, select it and click the Add to AutoText menu command.

When you type the first letter म and then press the Space key while holding down the Ctrl key, the first matching AutoText word/phrase is displayed automatically. Pressing the Space key repeatedly while holding down the Ctrl key will loop through all the matching AutoText words/phrases. Finally, you can make a selection by pressing the Space key.

If you no longer need a phrase in AutoText, you can select it and click the Remove from AutoText menu command.

You can use Edit Dictionary dialog box to add/remove/save the AutoText property of words/phrases.