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Baraha editor

Baraha is a text editor for Indian languages. Baraha editor uses phonetic keyboard, which can be useful for both beginner and expert user. Baraha editor has basic word-processor features such as page layout, print, find-replace, multi-columns, fonts. Baraha can copy/export document to TXT, RTF, HTML files in Unicode as well as ANSI encoding. Baraha editor can also be used for learning Indian languages, braille transcription, vedic scriptures, and musical notes.

Input Window is where you type text. Output Window is where you see the converted text. Preview Window shows currently edited line and highlights the current word in real time. Help Window shows various help topics. You may choose different arrangement of the windows by clicking the layout buttons on the toolbar.

While editing the document, you may press Convert button on the toolbar to convert text. (hot key: Ctrl + T). While browsing the document, text is synchronized between Input Window and Output Window , which helps you to edit required paragraph quickly. You may double click on a word in the Output Window to select the corresponding word in the Input Window.

Open Example files listed in Start->Baraha Software program group to understand the usage of phonetic keyboard and selective text formatting using switches.

Menu commands:

Command Description
File->Export Exports the active document to other file formats such as TXT/RTF/HTM documents, BMP/GIF/JPG/PNG picture files. Read Export topic.
File->Page Setup Read Page Setup topic.
File->Send Mail... Sends the current document through e-mail. (hot key: Ctrl+M). Read Send Email topic.
Edit->Find-Replace Read Find-Replace topic.
Edit->Cut Cuts the selection and puts it on the clipboard. (hot key: Ctrl+X). This icon is enabled only when the Input Window is focused and when a selection is made. You can't make a selection in the Preview or the Output windows.
Edit->Copy Copies the text to the clipboard. (hot key: Ctrl+C). If the Input Window has the focus, then the current selection in the Input Window is copied. If the Output Window has the focus (by clicking on it), then the all the text in the Output Window is copied in Unicode or ANSI encoding. Read Copy Text topic.
Edit->Paste Pastes the clipboard contents. (hot key: Ctrl+V). Converts Indian language text to phonetic encoding. This command is enabled only when the Input Window is focused.
Edit->Insert Symbol Read Insert Symbol topic.
Edit->Insert Hyperlink Read Insert Hyperlink topic.
View->Page Layout->... Select page layout settings.
View->Script Override->... Read Script Override topic.
View->Full screen Switch between full screen and normal modes. (hot key F11)
Settings->Default Read Default Settings topic.
Settings->Other Read Other Settings topic.
Help->Kannada->..., Help->Devanagari->... Select Phonetic keyboard help and examples.
Help->Using Switches Read Switches topic. Read selective text formatting
Right Click->Search Right click on a word in the Output Window and select Search menu for performing a web search.
Right Click->Translate

Right click on a word in the Output Window and select Translate menu to translate.

Baraha uses Google Translate service for translating text between Indian languages and English. Google Translate is currently available for Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and Bengali languages only.

Other topics:

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  • Braille support