Using quotation marks in Baraha

The English keyboard has Grave(') Apostrophe(') and Double Quote(") symbols which are usually required for English writing only. Whereas, the Indian text require the following quotation marks.

Opening curly single quote:
Closing curly single quote:
Opening curly double quote:
Closing curly double quote:

For all the Indian scripts supported in Baraha, the above symbols can be obtained as follows.

Grave ` --> ‘
Apostrophe ' --> ’
Grave used twice `` --> “
Apostrophe used twice '' --> ”

When the Baraha document is exported as Unicode text, the above quotation marks are properly converted to Unicode. BarahaIME convert the Grave and Apostrophe keys into the curly quotes. If you need Grave and Apostrophe characters in the output, you have to select the English language in the Baraha editor and BarahaIME.