Special symbols

Following special symbols may be required for writing Vedic scriptures and musical notes. These symbols are supported for Kannada, Devanagari, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam scripts only. Click "Help->Script->Phonetic Keyboard" menu in Baraha editor and read "Special Symbols" section at the bottom for details. These symbols are available only in Baraha ANSI fonts such as "BRH Kannada Extra", "BRH Devanagari Extra", "BRH Tamil Tab Extra", "BRH Telugu Extra", "BRH Malayalam Extra".

Special symbols can be typed in ...

1) Baraha editor
2) BarahaIME editor by selecting Phonetic Keyboard and ANSI encoding.

* Since special symbols are not available in Unicode fonts, they can't be typed in BarahaPad editor. (See: Unicode vs ANSI).
* Functionality of apps such as MS Office, Wordpad, ... have changed in the new releases. You may not get correct results when you type special symbols in these apps using BarahaIME.

Special SymbolPhonetic Keyboard Key
horizontal line belowq
horizontal line aboveQ
dot belowV
dot aboveW
single vertical line above#
double vertical line above$