Creating documents in multiple scripts

In Baraha, you can convert the documents from one script to another by using Script Override or brhdc.exe command line utility. This article shows how to create one master document from which you can produce documents in various scripts. The idea here is to avoid  modifying the master document while producing documents in different scripts. The master document can be either a .BRH document (edited in Baraha) or a .RTF document (edited in Wordpad using Baraha Direct). Refer to the master.brh and master.rtf sample files.

The master document itself can be prepared in any script. But certain symbols/characters have to entered in their original script only. This ensures the symbol/character to be mapped correctly during script conversion. One example is the special 'oum' symbol which exists only in the Devanagari script. In Kannada/Telugu text it is written as  'OM' (long O + Anuswara). In the master document, the 'oum' symbol should be written in Devanagari script only. Once the master document is completed, you can produce the different scripts as follows:

.BRH file:

Open master.brh file in Baraha and select View -> Script Override -> ... menu command. Now you can Print/Export/Copy the document.

.RTF file

You can convert the master.rtf to any required script using brhdc.exe command as shown below.

Note: Vedic characters are supported  in Kannada, Devanagari, Telugu, and Malayalam scripts only. They are ignored when converted to other scripts.