Baraha - Send Email

Email means sending information electronically. The information may be text, picture, music or even video.  Theoretically there is no Kannada, Hindi or English email! But, in general, if the information you are sending can be read by the recipient in Kannada, then we may call it a Kannada e-mail.

You may send email by clicking File --> Send Mail... menu. Email is sent a file attachment. The following file types are supported.

BRH file:
Sends the mail as a Baraha document (.BRH) file. The recipient should open the file in Baraha for viewing.

TXT file:
Sends the mail as a text file (.TXT) containing UNICODE text.

RTF file:
Sends the mail as a Rich Text Format (.RTF) file containing UNICODE text.

HTM file:
Sends the mail as a .HTM file containing UNICODE text.

PNG file(s):
Sends the mail as PNG picture file(s).


  • To send email directly from Baraha, you need Microsoft Exchange or any other MAPI compatible programs such as Microsoft OutLook, Eudora and Netscape Mail. If the MAPI clients are not installed on your PC, then, the Send Mail... menu will not be displayed at all while the Send Mail... icon is disabled in the tool bar. You may install the MAPI services by clicking the Mail icon in the Control Panel.
  • You may also save/export the document as a BRH, TXT or RTF file and send as attachment using web based email programs such as Hotmail.