Baraha - Page Setup - Header and Footer

Print Header & Footer in English:
Setting this option will print the header & footers in English.

Offset from edge:
Specifies the offset of the header & footer from the edge of the paper in inches.

Left Header:
Specifies the left header.

Right Header:
Specifies the right header.

Left Footer:
Specifies the left footer.

Right Footer:
Specifies the right footer.

You can also print specific information as part of the headers and footers by including the following characters as part of the text.

&d Date (1-31)
&m Month (1-12)
&y Year (1970-2038)
&H Hour (0-23)
&M Minute (0-59)
&S Seconds (0-59)
&D Day of the week (Sunday, Monday...etc)
&b Month of the year (January, February...etc)
&p Page number (1, 2, 3... etc)
&P Total no. of pages in the document.


"&D, &b &d, &y" prints as "ಮಂಗಳವಾರ, ಡಿಸೆಂಬರ್ ೨, ೧೯೯೭" if the default Indian language is Kannada.
"puTa &p/&P" prints the page numbers like "ಪುಟ ೧/೮" for the first page, "ಪುಟ ೨/೮" for the second page, ...