Baraha - Find-Replace

Find-Replace dialog box can be accessed by clicking Edit | Find-Replace menu. You can search for a word either in the Input Window or the Output Window.

Searching in the Input Window

Find What:
The string to find.

Replace With:
The string to replace with.

Match Case:
If checked, the strings are searched based on the case.

Find Next:
Finds the next instance of the Find What string.

Replace All:
Replaces all the instances of Find What string with Replace With string.

Searching in the Output Window

The language of the Find Text string.

Find Text:
The string to find.

Find Button:
When clicked displays all the matching strings in the Output Window.

First, Next, Previous, Last Buttons:
These buttons are initially disabled. They get enabled after the Find button is clicked. You can navigate through the matching strings by clicking these buttons.