Knowledge Base - Using BarahaPad/BarahaIME with non-US English keyboard hardware

If User is using a keyboard other than US English, such as German, French, Irish ..., then he has to adjust his typing as explained in the example below.

Picture 1 - US English keyboard layout

Picture 2 - Irish keyboard layout

Lets say the user wants to type the word ज्ञान (Knowledge). Using the Devanagari Phonetic keyboard, this word can be obtained by typing j~jAna characters. If user is using the US English keyboard, then he has to type [j ~ j A n a] characters. But, If user is using say, the Irish keyboard, then he has to type [j ¬ j A n a] characters. This is because, BarahaPad and BarahaIME editors internally use US English keyboard for generating the characters, and, In the Irish keyboard, ¬ (NOT SIGN) uses the position of the ~ (TILDE) character of the US English keyboard.

In other words, user should press the key by following the position of a character on the US English keyboard, rather than the position of the same character on his non-US English keyboard.