BarahaPad Editor

BarahaPad editor

BarahaPad is Unicode based text editor for Indian languages. BarahaPad offers many different keyboard layouts that are useful for both beginner and expert User. BarahaPad supports print, find-replace, fonts, spell checking, sorting and conversion of text from one script to another. BarahaPad is integrated with Google translate and is very useful if you do translation work in Indian languages. BarahaPad is a standalone editor and doesn't require any other software such as MS Word.

Opening/Saving files:

BarahaPad can open/save BarahaPad (.BPD), Rich Text Format (.RTF) and Unicode text (.TXT) files.

Editing text:

You may press F11 or F12 key to toggle between Indian language and English.

To type Indian language text:

To type English text:


The keyboard can be selected using the IME -> Keyboard menu. The following keyboards are available for all the scripts.

Phonetic Keyboard, Brhkbd Keyboard, Inscript Keyboard

Spell check:

Please read Spell check topic.


Please read AutoText topic.

Translation & Web search:

You can use Google Translate service for translating between Indian languages and English. Google Translate is currently available for Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati and Bengali languages only. Translation is currently not available for Assamese, Oriya and Sanskrit languages.

To perform translation, select the word/phrase and press (Ctrl + T) keys. To perform a general web search, select the word/phrase and press (Ctrl + W) keys. You may also select the respective popup menu command by right clicking on the selected word/phrase.

Default fonts:

The Edit -> Default Fonts... dialog box shows the installed Unicode based (OpenType) fonts available for every script. You may select the default font/size for every script. Any Unicode font that supports an Indian script can be used in BarahaPad. When you enable Indian languages, Windows installs a single font for every Indian script. Additional fonts can be installed and used.

Sorting text:

Text can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Select the text and select Tools -> Sort menu command. Pressing F9 key repeats the last sort command.

Converting text:

Text can be converted from one script to another. Select the text and select the desired script under Tools -> Convert To menu command. Pressing F10 key repeats the last convert command.

See: ISO 15919, Ellara Kannada

Inserting special characters:

You may insert special Unicode characters by using their hexadecimal values. This feature works only when the language is English.


1. Select Use Roman Numerals menu command for getting English numbers instead of Indian language numbers.

2. User may click on the news icon to access news from

Help topics:

  • Spell Check
  • Edit Dictionary
  • AutoText