Baraha - Unicode and ANSI text editor for Indian languages.
BarahaPad - Unicode text editor for Indian languages.
BarahaIME - Type Indian language text in any application.

Phonetic keyboard - As easy as writing our names in English.
Brhkbd Keyboard - User friendly keyboard for Indian languages.
Inscript Keyboard - Indian standard keyboard for Indian languages.

Unicode fonts for Indian languages.
Learn Indian scripts.
Translate Indian languages.
Spell check documents.
Braille script for sightless people.
Convert Indian language text between different scripts.
FontConvert - Convert between Baraha and other vendor fonts.
Latin transliteration (ISO 15919)
Create notation for Carnatic & Hindustani music.

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For support & technical queries, please contact:

    Before you contact us for Baraha software usage, please make sure that you have the latest version of Baraha and you have read the help pages.

    In your question, please don't just say "Baraha is not working", "I am getting junk characters". Please give details such as...

    *) Which Baraha program you are using? (Baraha/BarahaPad/BarahaIME)
    *) If you are using BarahaIME, then in which application are you typing? (MS Word/WordPad/Internet Explorer/...)
    *) Which language have you selected? (Kannada/Hindi/Telugu/....)
    *) What text did you type and what was the output result?

    Attach a picture showing the output result. A picture is worth thousand words!

For sales related queries, please contact:

    We offer multi-computer product key which enables you to register multiple computers using the same product key. Please contact us for details.

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