“First of all hats off to you and your team for having provided such a great software enabling all of us to print in the required language. I find it very very useful especially while typing slokas, songs, etc.”
-Rama Gururajan, Coimbatore


“I love Baraha. Without Baraha, I would never be able to communicate in Kannada. You are doing a great job. There are no good apps to type in Kannada, especially the way 'Baraha' renders them. I mean typing the spelling in English and getting them right on the screen.”
-Keshav, U.K.


“I am using this software since last two year for Gujarati and Hindi typing. I am writing this for thanking you for providing such a good software totally free of cost. You are surviving all the Indians to save their mother tongue. Hats off to you...”
-Shailesh, Gujarat


“I made the payment through PayPal. I received the product key by email within few minutes and registered the software. I am enjoying using your software!”
-Dinesh Narayanan, California


“Thank you for this wonderful software. The free version has been great help to me many, many times in my projects! Now, I have bought the paid version to enable the premium features.”
-Amar Paul Singh, New Jersey


Sep 19, 10:15 pm
“Buy once, Use for lifetime!”

Baraha software consists of 3 editors - Baraha, BarahaPad, and BarahaIME. Any Baraha editor can be used for editing documents in Indian languages and every editor has unique features well suited for your needs. You may buy Baraha full package which includes all 3 editors + tools + Unicode fonts, OR you may buy one of the 3 individual editor packages.

ProductUSD PriceINR Price ($1=₹67.45)
Baraha full package (includes Baraha, BarahaPad, BarahaIME, tools, Unicode fonts) $39.95  ₹2695 
Baraha editor package (doesn't include BarahaPad, BarahaIME, tools, Unicode fonts) $19.95  ₹1346 
BarahaPad editor package (doesn't include Baraha, BarahaIME, tools, Unicode fonts) $19.95  ₹1346 
BarahaIME editor package (doesn't include Baraha, BarahaPad, tools, Unicode fonts) $19.95  ₹1346 


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