Baraha - standalone editor for editing, printing documents.
BarahaPad - standalone editor for editing Unicode documents.
BarahaIME - type Indian language text in any application.

Unicode fonts for Indian languages.

Phonetic keyboard - as easy as writing our names in English.
Brhkbd Keyboard - user friendly keyboard for Indian languages.
Inscript Keyboard - Govt. of India standard for Indian languages.

Useful for learning Indian scripts.
Translate Indian languages.
Spell check documents.
Braille script for sightless people.
Latin transliteration (ISO 15919, IAST)
Create notation for Carnatic & Hindustani music.

Convert Indian language text between different scripts.
Sort Indian language text in ascending/descending order.
FontConvert - convert between Baraha and other vendor fonts.

E-mail, blog, build web-sites, and DTP in Indian languages.
Export documents as TXT/RTF/HTM, and GIF/JPG/PNG files.
AutoText long words/phrases.
Add Indian language support to your .NET/C++/VB6/Java apps.

Mar 28, 05:56 am

Download Baraha 10.10.164

Please click link to download latest Baraha installation file. After the download is complete, run it to install Baraha software.

baraha_setup.exe (OR baraha_setup.zip)



  • Close all Baraha programs before installing.
  • Baraha program files are digitally signed and virus free. You may check the VirusTotal antivirus scan report here.
  • If you see below warnings during download, please continue by clicking the highlighted button as shown below...




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